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2024 Winter Interclub results (Round 1) are now posted (on the Interclub page) April 8, 2024

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Interclub Sign-Up on HelloClub

You can now pay for Interclub nights using HelloClub - and get a discount for doing so! Please click on the image to the left for more information. It is still possible to pay on the night at the cafeteria, as before.

Join an Interclub Competition!

Competitions are available for all levels of play and are a great way to improve your game. Summer Interclub competitions begin in October each year and Winter competitions begin in April. During a competiton, games are played every week on a Wednesday or Thursday evening. There are also two-person competitions held in spring and autumn. Please refer here for more information.

Interclub Rules for Filling In

Players in any grade can now play (fill in) 5 times up a grade before having to become a permanent member of the higher grade (this used to be 3 times). They can now also play for any team of their club in the grade above, if the club has more than one team in the grade above, for a total maximum of 5 games in the higher grade (previously only able to play for one of your club's teams in the higher grade).

If your club does not have a team in the higher grade, you can fill in for any other club in the higher grade, to a maximum of 5 times for the season (Clubs should ask their own players from the lower grade first if they have teams in the lower grade).

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