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From Wednesday 6th Sept, the front carpark will be closed off for upgrade. Entrance and exit ONLY via the driveway on the right. Estimated completion is by the end of the month. Thank you for your cooperation. Aug. 29, 2023
New 2023 Spring 2 Person results for Round 6 are now posted (on the Interclub page) Sept. 19, 2023
Between two main interclub seasons, the Stadium is unavailable for casual play:
- Wednesdays 7-10pm (9 Aug - 27 Sept) owing to 2 Person Competition
- Thursdays 7-10pm (10 Aug - 21 Sept) owing to the Matchplay Competition. July 21, 2023
Matchplay Competitions are back!
*** All Welcome *** any level, age, gender...all play same competition
Thursdays at 7pm (for 7 weeks from 10 Aug to 21 Sept). Turn up by 6:45pm on any given Thursday to participate.
$10 per night. Cash payment, please.
Groups are randomly drawn (no seedings). Format depends on numbers each night, but generally consists of round robin groups (best of 3 games), followed by positional play-offs (best of 5 games). July 26, 2023
New 2023 Winter WMC Results for Round 13 are now posted (on the Working Men's Club page) Sept. 21, 2023
From 10th February 2023 the TTC stadium tables are reserved on Friday evenings from 5.30pm to 7pm for the Canterbury Junior Representative squad training. This does not apply during the school holidays Oct. 30, 2021
For public holidays which fall on a weekday - the stadium will ONLY be open from 7pm to 10pm Dec. 18, 2020
During school terms, the Stadium is unavailable for casual play on Tuesdays 6pm-7pm, owing to Junior Beginner group coaching Aug. 11, 2022
The 2023 Table Tennis Canterbury Calendar of Events is available here March 18, 2023
For the Table Tennis New Zealand tournament calendar for 2023, please refer to this link Jan. 31, 2021

News from Our Facebook Page

A contingent of Canterbury's best Juniors and Coaches went to Dunedin to participate in the Southern Region Training Camp (5th-7th July). The key concepts of the training camp were forehand topspin, footwork, tactics and the first phase structure of points. Once each training session was finished the Juniors completed a player reflection for what they felt they did well and areas they can work on.

Senior players joined the Juniors on the Friday evening for the action-packed Otago Open (7th-8th July). All our players represented Canterbury proudly and had great results all around. With a special congratulations to Lydia Mercer-Beumelburg winning the Open Women’s Singles, Jong Eub Han & Ellie Zhang winning the Open Mixed Doubles and Abbey Webb & Ellie Zhang winning the Open Women’s Doubles.

Thanks to Shelley Neal (Otago) for the great photos of our Canterbury team down in Dunedin!

Further Results as follows:

Open Men’s Singles

Runner Up: Jong Eub Han

Semi-Finalists: Simon Fenwick

Open Women’s Singles

Winner: Lydia Mercer-Beumelburg

Runner Up: Tongxi Fu

Semi-Finalists: India Buchanan

Open Men’s Doubles

Semi-Finalists: Simon Fenwick/Craig Dye and Jong Eub Han/Xavier Reid

Open Women’s Doubles

Winners: Ellie Zhang and Abbey Webb

Runners Up: Helen Beumelburg and Lydia Mercer-Beumelburg

Semi-Finalists: Aarya Advilkar/Maia Cavanagh (Otago) and India Buchanan/Tongxi Fu

Open Mixed Doubles

Winners: Jong Eub Han and Ellie Zhang

Semi-Finalists: Jack Webb (Manawatu)/Abbey Webb and Griffin Buchanan/India Buchanan

2nd Grade Men’s Singles

Winner: Derrick Wong

Runner Up: Christopher Fenwick

2nd Grade Women’s Singles

Winner: Tracey Hsia

2nd Grade Men’s Doubles

Winners: Ben Cummings and Keegan Jackson (Southland)

2nd Grade Women’s Doubles

Winners: Jennifer Hsia and Tracey Hsia

Under 13 Boy’s Singles

Winner: William Hsia

Under 13 Girl’s Singles

Winner: Tracey Hsia

Under 13 Boy’s Doubles

Semi-Finalists: Rex Liu (South Canterbury)/Clayton Wong

Under 13 Girl’s Doubles

Winners: Tracey Hsia and Cora Wilson (Marlborough)

Under 15 Boy’s Singles

Runner Up: Xavier Reid

Semi-Finalists: Mihik Advilkar and Derrick Wong

Under 15 Girl’s Singles

Winner: Tongxi Fu

Runner Up: Tracey Hsia

Semi-Finalists: India Buchanan

Under 15 Boy’s Doubles

Winners: Mihik Advilkar and Derrick Wong

Under 19 Boy’s Singles

Winner: Griffin Buchanan

Runner Up: Mihik Advilkar

Semi-Finalists: Eric Kim

Under 19 Girl’s Singles

Winner: Tongxi Fu

Runner Up: Aarya Advilkar

Semi-Finalists: Ellie Zhang and Lydia Mercer-Beumelburg

Under 19 Boy’s Doubles

Winners: Griffin Buchanan and Joshua Pigott (Nelson)

Semi-Finalists: Peter Wu/Calib Wyness and Christopher Fenwick/Eric Kim

Under 19 Girl’s Doubles

Winners: India Buchanan and Tongxi Fu

Runners Up: Lydia Mercer-Beumelburg and Ellie Zhang

Under 21 Men’s Singles

Winner: Griffin Buchanan

Runner Up: Eric Kim

Semi-Finalists : Calib Wyness

Under 21 Women’s Singles

Winner: Ellie Zhang

Semi-Finalists: Aarya Advilkar and Jennifer Hsia

Under 21 Women’s Doubles

Winners: Aarya Advilkar and Jennifer Hsia

Over 30 Men’s Singles

Winner: Simon Fenwick

Over 30 Men’s Doubles

3rd Place: Ben Cummings and Dyna Seng (Otago)

Over 45 Men’s Singles

Runner Up: Simon Fenwick

Over 45 Men’s Doubles:

Semi-Finalists: Ben Cummings and Steve Pitt (Otago)

TTNZ is pleased to confirm entry is now open for the 2023 South Island Individual Championships:

Dates: 12th and 13th August 2023

Location: Canterbury Table Tennis Stadium

Online Entry:


Closing Date: Sunday 30th July

REMINDER: Spring 2 Person Competition will take place from 9th Aug-27th Sept 2023. Entry forms available on TTC website or at the Stadium. Entries close 28th July.
Spring 2 Person Competition will take place from 9th Aug-27th Sept 2023. Entry forms available on TTC website or at the Stadium. Entries close 28th July.
Congratulations to all winners over the last two days during the Canterbury Open!

A great event supported by many South Island associations and several North Island individuals.

Also a big shout out to Joachim (tournament referee), Essien (tournament manager) and our helpers that made the tournament a success!

See everyone again soon for South Island Individuals in August.

Report of our Annual General Meeting (11 Dec 2022)

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