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So you've been playing table tennis in your garage or spare room, at work or with friends and just looking for the next step - whether it's coaching, playing competitively or finding a social group.

Table Tennis Canterbury would love to help you with the next step.

We have playing options for everyone from juniors to seniors and in between. For those just wanting to improve their skills to those who feel they are ready to be competitive, we'd love to help. Check out our Stadium hours for casual play and social groups, our coaching page for options to improve your skills and, if you want to play competitively then talk to our stadium administrator, Renata Jelli, between 1 and 7pm, Monday to Friday on (03) 341-5561.


Let us help you with the next step!

Management Committee

Ben Cummings


Property & Projects

Unlike my fellow committee members who have been around table tennis for years and years, I am relatively new to the sport and have only been fully committed to playing it for the last three years ...

Ian Bourke

Vice President

HR, Governance & Strategy

I am excited to be involved as part of the management committee to help develop and advance the strategic objectives of TTC. I have been involved in table tennis since I was knee high to a grassho ...

Kris Alisch


HR, Governance & Strategy

Table tennis has been a huge part of my life. I have played in national leagues and tournaments in Germany but what I loved most about it was my table tennis family – our club, the lifelong friend ...

Gregg Davey

Committee Member

Selector, Interclub, Tournaments

I have been involved in Canterbury Table Tennis since 2001, both as a representative and as a serving committee member continuously for over 15 years, both as a selector and on the interclub and p ...

Andrea Gosney


I’ve played table tennis since I was 8 years old going down to Marshland club on a Monday night, and playing Canterbury tournaments in buckle up school shoes until Pat Mullins got me into line and ...

Craig Dye

Committee Member

Interclub, Tournaments

I've played table tennis since I was young, as both my parents played competitively. It has provided me with countless friendships throughout New Zealand, Australia, Asia, Europe, the United Kingd ...

Abbey Webb

Committee Member


To be supplied ...

Renata Jelli

Stadium Administrator

Interclub, Communication

My table tennis journey started in 2012 when I joined a social group in Rolleston. Subsequently, I became a group coordinator and was doing that for about one year. As my interest in the game grew ...

Other Club Officials

Patron Alan Alabaster
Life Members R.G.Hart*, N.B.Radford, B.Roskilley*, N.K.White, J.Stead MNZM, E.Moore*, D.Glass, B.Wilson, G.Colvin, A.Moore
(* denotes deceased)
Auditor Moore Markhams Christchurch
Stadium Administrator Renata Jelli
Morning Groups Nolan (ph 021 254 2452)
Selectors Gregg Davey (Convenor)
Interclub Administrator Alex Siemers
Interclub Gregg Davey, Craig Dye, Renata Jelli
HR, Governance & Strategy Ian Bourke, Kris Alisch
Property & Projects Ben Cummings, Simon Fenwick
Tournaments Craig Dye, Gregg Davey
Communication Abbey Webb, Renata Jelli, Alex Siemers

Our Strategic Plan

A lot of work has gone into the development of a strategic plan which will focus our efforts over the next three years. The plan is centered around a clear vision and set of values for Table Tennis Canterbury and four strategic priorities with associated actions to produce the outcomes we want to see delivered.

History and Archives

Table Tennis Canterbury's junior development program
A 2019 article by Sport Canterbury outlines how this program is introducing new junior players to the sport

Trevor Flint
TTNZ Life Member Trevor Flint passed away on Saturday 8th June 2019, after decades of service to table tennis

World Table Tennis Day 2019
This MetroNews article reports on an event held at the stadium on 6 April 2019 to mark World Table Tennis Day

Visit to China (2013)
A group of Canterbury players visited China for two weeks of table tennis and sight seeing

Construction of the new stadium
These photos show the old Selwyn Street stadium and the construction of the new Blenheim Road stadium