The stadium is available for casual play all days of the week. See Hours/Location/Costs for details.

Casual/Social groups for organised play and interaction are available either at the stadium (see Hours/Location/Costs or at one of our affiliated club's nights (see Affiliated Clubs/Links).

For group or individual coaching please see Coaching.

To join the stadium's interclub competition, please contact the stadium Contact us and we will arrange a time for you to have your level of play evaluated so that a grade and also club can be recommended to you.

Please contact the stadium Contact us if you require any further information about our affiliated clubs, casual groups, coaching groups, or to arrange individual coaching.

Stadium Social and Competitive Organised Groups

Morning Social Group Tuesday 10.00am — Noon
Morning Social Group Thursday 10.00am — Noon
Interclub Competition Wednesday 7.00pm — 10.30pm
Interclub Competition Thursday 7.00pm — 10.30pm

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